Quentin Skinner. On the Liberty of Republics

“You are a free person if and only if you are engaged in the making of the law under which you live. If you are not so engaged the law is not a reflection of your will but of someone elses. But in that case you are a slave.”

Immanuel Wallerstein on the Global Systemic Crisis and the Struggle for a Post-Capitalist World

War in the Ukraine and the Middle East and the Crisis of the European Union are symptoms of a worldwide systemic crisis. The global capitalist system reaches its limits and the struggle for a post-capitalist world has already begun. Part of the transition is the decline of the superpower USA. [DE]

Noam Chomsky on the liberal elite’s fear of democracy

In times of turmoil, when people are waking up and start to organize themselves, the actual concept of democracy of the ruling elites comes to the surface. The rhetorical and the actual view of democracy and the media. The people as adults/citizens or the people as a dangerous enemy/children under guardianship. The role played by liberal intellectuals and the media. Deceive the public, depict Russia as the aggressor.

Interview with Cornelius Castoriadis by Chris Marker (English subtitles)

In this interview Castoriadis lays out and examines the contributions of ancient Greece to questions of contemporary relevance relating to democracy, politics, philosophy, art, poetry, economic and social reorganization, and the creative chaos that underlies all existence.

J’ai pas voté (I didn’t vote) – in French with English subtitles

Quote: Loïc Blondiaux

Quote: Jean-Paul Jouary

The Promise and Peril of Democracy

This little montage aims at raising awareness for the meaning of real democracy (in French with English subtitles).

Etienne Chouard explains his vision

Click to read my rough translation into English

We Empower Ourselves: Atelier Constituant

Etienne Chouard organizes workshops were ordinary people learn to write a constitution. The aim is to accustom people to participate in the making of the rules of the political game. The constitution should be written by the citizens themselves, not by professionals and representatives who inevitably will institute a system for their own benefit, rendering people powerless.

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